WildHumm is my shop & outlet for my abstract art that I started in grad school. I grew my brand organically to 47K followers on Instagram, and over the last 5 years my business has grown to a point where I can now give back to causes I care about (10% of every piece I sell is donated to Planned Parenthood).

West Elm invited me to create an installation and large 10'x10' mural in their Boston location. It was a thrill

The challenge was to create a large scale "watercolor" style mural with a very small budget. I proposed that we skip the "artist" materials and get some canvas drop cloths and waterbased house paint from Home Depot. Even with Only 3 colors to mix, I was able to achieve the watercolor look they were searching for. 

The second installation was a large 10'x10' wall of shingles. Each wooden shingle was hand painted with diluted layers of house paint (so that no two shingles looked alike), and then stapled to the wall. We had to layer the shingles just right to give the wall some wavy movement. It was tedious, beautiful work! 


The brief: To create original artwork for the Extraordinary Perrier campaign that embodies the brand colors and effervescent bubbles of the beverage. I worked with digital agency 360i to bring this work to life.

The work: I created 2 original paintings and a timelapse process video for Perrier to share across their social channels on facebook, instagram, and twitter.

My posts garnered a total of 7,088 likes, and 113 comments and my process video was viewed over 52,000 times

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