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Hi there! I’m Bianca, and I’m a brand strategist with a conscience. I believe that advertising has the potential to do some good in this world, and I make that a priority in my work. 

When Facebook was planning to launch Facebook Camera and expand Facebook Moments, I was a lead strategist that helped the Facebook creative team find cultural moments that would bring young people together on the platform.

Now that I’m at NYLON, I help our brand partners to not just “reach” NYLON’s diverse, young, LGBTQ readers, but also to serve them through a strong feminist POV and thorough knowledge of social justice issues. I am always a champion of incorporating ways to amplify marginalized voices and finding creative opportunities to shift perspectives in our campaigns.

In my ever dwindling spare time, you can find me painting (@wildhumm, shameless plug). I started WildHumm to sell my artwork to pay rent in grad school, and since then I have grown a 49K+ strong following on Instagram. In an effort to activate my audience for social good, I created an art giveaway campaign to inspire my followers to donate to the ACLU, and we raised over $1500 in just a few hours. I’ve grown my little side business to a point where I can now donate a portion of every sale to Planned Parenthood, which makes me ever so proud of this little community I’ve carved out in my own little pixel on the internet.